ExoBacteria OMV Isolation Kit

ExoBacteria OMV Isolation Kit 

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miRNA Isolation Kit

FAMIK--002 Rxns: 50
EUR 223

Mitochondria Isolation Kit

AR0156 1 kit
EUR 106

miRNA Isolation Kit

FYG304-100P 100 Preps Ask for price

Endosome Isolation Kit

P528 - Ask for price

Microsome Isolation Kit

EUR 528

Preadipocyte Isolation Kit

EUR 533

MicroRNA Isolation Kit

KS341025 1 kit
EUR 256
Description: Can be used for various proteomics studies in both normal and pathological cases. It is an excellent control and suitable for educational purposes. This product is prepared from whole tissue homogenates and has undergone SDS-PAGE quality control analysis. The protein is stored in a buffer with protease inhibitor cocktail fo prevent degradation.

Total RNA Isolation Kit

P-9100 50 samples
EUR 347.25
Description: The best epigenetics products

Lipid Droplet Isolation Kit

MET-5011 50 preps
EUR 415
Description: Lipid droplets are lipid rich organelles found in the adipose tissue of eukaryotes. They function to regulate the hydrolysis and storage of neutral lipids and serve as storage for cholesterol and acyl-glycerols. Lipid droplets have also been associated with inflammatory responses, obesity, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Cell Mitochondria Isolation Kit

abx090630-50100tests 50-100 tests
EUR 258

Tissue Mitochondria Isolation Kit

abx090631-50100assays 50-100 assays
EUR 258

Easy3-RNA Isolation Kit

FYG501-100P 100 Preps Ask for price

Easy3-RNA Isolation Kit

FYG501-500P 500 Preps Ask for price

Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit

K2117-50 50 assays
EUR 599

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

K2118-50 50 assays
EUR 321

ExoPure? Isolation Kit   (Urine)

EUR 697

ExoPure? Isolation Kit   (Urine)

EUR 403

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

EUR 468

Yeast Mitochondria Isolation Kit

EUR 419

Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit

EUR 588

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

EUR 272

Yeast Nuclei Isolation Kit

EUR 392

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Isolation Kit

EUR 278

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

55R-1349 30 units
EUR 729
Description: Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit for use in the research laboratory

ExoBacteria OMV Isolation Kit